Service Lines

SysLab works with customers to help them refine their objectives, scope their requirements, design and deliver solutions that best suit their operation conditions and business requirements.

Our offerings are organized into ServiceLines Each ServiceLine is designed to address a specific class of requirements, have appropriate processes and execution infrastructure that's state-of-art and regularly updated in capabilities. Customers can choose one or combination of ServiceLines that best suit their requirements. All offerings/engagements are productized and have a fixed price. Followed support is provided for all offerings/engagements. Our current ServiceLines:

  • SysLab Apps Bridges gap between end-users and applications. Reduces total cost of ownership and improves success of Business Applications and Business Process initiatives.
  • SysLab Analyst Start-to-Finish capabilities to deliver web-based solutions that are easy to use, scale efficiently and have low maintenance costs. Provides followed support where applicable.

From 2004, for selective verticals, SysLab is releasing the following service-oriented product platforms that are easy-to-use, slash selective operations' costs by at least 6-fold while significantly improving work effort.

  • SysLab Center-In-A-Box An Online suite of integrated applications for collaboration and communication within small and medium-scale organizations. This is an innovative web service with no installments and first generation software with built-in network-effects.
  • SysLab Digital Archiving Current Digital Archiving practices are plagued with options that require large capital investment, long duration contracts, expensive training and sustained support. To reduce this inefficiency, SysLab is providing this offering: a no capital investment, rapid turn-around solution, flexible to match your needs.
  • SysLab DocuDraft An improvement to existing drafting methods. This technology enables customers to auto publish documents with no limitations on formatting or length or computation/decision complexity or page-layouts. One would be able to simultaneously publish the output in Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect and Adobe PDF. The solution can further be rolled in multiple locations at 60% lower cost than traditional options and easy-to-use by non-technical users.
  • SysLab IP Services Specialized technical support services for IP Litigation, Product Appropriation & Technology Licensing issues. This offering has helped several strategic thinking and Intellectual property management groups accomplish their research objectives in the most responsive and cost-effective manner, resulting in 100% repeat business often within 2 months of engagement.
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