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Most of SysLab's work requires strong execution-mindset, problem solving skills and an integrated application of expertise in System dynamics, Operations management, Informatics, Behavioral science, and Digital technologies. Hence, we place a premium on hiring suitable talent. Usually an appropriate graduate degree with at least 2 years of focused industry experience a must.

If you are industry professional with at least 10 years of focused industry experience in any vertical, please apply at any time. All others, please visit our open positions and apply.

SysLab is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, national origin, religion, physical or mental disability/handicap, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation or any other basis prohibited by law.


A recent SysLab study reveals the following ten factors:

  • Highly driven by non-technical knowledge workers. Unless they adopt, irrespective of the elegance and benefits of a solution, the initiative fails.
  • Often no clear owner (eBusiness vs. Functional owners). Where would the budget come from?
  • No clear language for assessing the problem and trade-offs. Discussions and Assessments are often less objective in nature.
  • Abundant but under utilized data/IT infrastructure. communication gap and power differences between the business and technology communities often makes it hard to asses the case for re-usability.
  • Design for Execution. High failure rate and/or delays in initiatives are frequent. Though avoidable, often fuzzy-factors and infeasibilities are not given enough consideration during planning, and they bite-back with 10-fold intensity during execution. Don't just have a plan that's logical, coherent and convincing but ensure that it's well designed for Execution.
  • Rapid workplace dynamics # How long will the proposed solution be valid? Inappropriate consideration of the time element and its implications is a key contributor for resource waste and delays in Execution. # Having a roadmap of bite-sized execution with business value at each phase only appears a dream. Phased deliverables exist, but what's the use, if we can't realize the business value for 6-9 months of execution? More than one solution to a given problem is not uncommon. Also, a quick fix delivering reasonable business-value with start-to-finish execution in 3 months is always possible. So don't miss to at least identify such quick gains.
  • Failure to perform the reality test. What if, after all that effort its discovered that the solution so delivered doesn't provide the utility and value as desired? or perform as marketed? Especially when the initiatives have large scope, not many bother about such issues.
  • Behavioral effects are 50% of the game Strange it may seem, though all of us are professional enough, understanding the implications of the behavioral effects of all stakeholders, directly or indirectly effecting the project is key. Inappropriate management of this factor results in more emotional burden and often more stress and delays in execution, if not failure.
  • Let requirements drive action, not vice-versa. Business operation problems are often simple to understand. We noticed that in some initiatives, solutions were chosen based on just this understanding (as in, I have problems in managing customer interactions and customer data, so a CRM solution would be appropriate for my firm). However, though solutions are marketed to address our needs, they actually automate the details which is where most mismatches are found during execution. As a fix, firms tried to alter their requirements to suit the solutions, but soon they experience resistance to change their own work-methods. Such experiences did happen even with matured software infrastructures like that of Oracle. To avoid such problems, irrespective of the project-size/scope, please do enough diligence on requirements. In practice, we are finding a night and day difference in the execution-approach & budget to the same problem when requirements and expectations were appropriately developed and tested!!! before deciding on action. Billige und aktuelle Kreuzfahrten-Angebote , Hochsee-Kreuzfahrten und Fluss-Kreuzfahrten auf Mittelmeer, Donau, Rhein, Elbe, Nil, Ostsee und Karibik. Kredit Feenkraut- DasKraeuterInfoPortal Link Bid Directory Backlinks