The Company

SysLab provides specialized project services to design and deliver solutions that improve workplace productivity of business users.

Typical Users
  • Sales & Marketing 
  • Business Development
  • Service & Support 
  • Research 
  • Intellectual Property
  • Legal
  • Training 
  • Finance 
  • Office Management/li>
  • Quality Control
Typical Projects
  • Business Processes 
  • Supply Chain
  • Product Data Management 
  • Digital Workplaces 
  • Intellectual Property
  • eLearning
  • Collaboration
  • Compliance
  • Wireless for business users
  • Web Services

Background: SysLab began as an industry-academic consulting initiative at Stanford University in 1999, and has enjoyed exponential growth since its founding. Over the past four years, we established a strong track record of consistently developing innovative, customized, and cost-effective solutions to improve productivity in environments with traits, such as the following:

  • End-users are mostly knowledge workers who may not be tech savvy.
  • Highly dynamic work environments with frequent changes in work methods.
  • Unstructured information and vaguely defined processes are common place.
  • Have scope to re-use data & software infrastructure, yet not clear on how to capitalize.
  • Initiatives are often hard to scope in an objective manner, resulting in increased budgets and execution delays.
  • Having a roadmap of bite-sized execution with business value at each phase only appears a dream. Phased deliverables exist, but what's the use, if we can't realize the business value for 6-9 months of execution?

Customers: Firms of any size can benefit from our functional expertise and execution infrastructure. Currently, our customers base spans 36 firms (includes some of the top-10 firms in Semiconductors, Automobiles, Aerospace, Education and IP Litigation).

Expertise: SysLab's core expertise is in devising technologies & developing work-methods that impact the productivity of business operations the realm of operations that deals with data & knowledge-workers, and is governed by business processes, digital devices, software applications and global work structures.

Purpose: Our focus is to develop new work-methods and solutions that would enable business-users (knowledge workers) accomplish their work faster and better, at lower costs. We envision to become a thought leader in improving operational productivity of professional service firms and business-functions within organizations.