Track Record

With thought leadership in Information-centric operations, an emerging area, our methods and execution-infrastructure have consistently delivered 3-fold cost gains, 4-fold operational gains and 100% ROI within 3 months of engagement.

Some Examples (Simplified to illustrate value proposition of a Faster, Better and Cheaper business operation. Actual engagements are often involved. The figures have been simplified to serve as examples):

  • Unforeseen Value: When we were hired to develop a multimedia infrastructure for a firm, we realized that their product development process is significantly inefficient. At no additional charge, SysLab developed and implemented a process that reduced the product-development metrics from $25,000 & 2-weeks, to, $1200 & 1-hour. Key personnel became available to focus on more critical work and the new operational capabilities helped the customer create new revenues through a new offering for the same customers.
  • Improving Process Utility: For a leading semiconductor firm experiencing difficulty in managing coordination of stakeholders for new product releases, SysLab expertise resulted in a Digital business process that's easy-to-manage, reduced work effort by 84% and improved cost of operations by 50%.
  • Increasing Work Capabilities: For a publishing firm, the throughput of processing permissions was improved from 8 requests/day & 2 weeks average turnaround time, to 40 requests/day & 3 days. This enabled the respective employees to do more work with less effort. The resulting throughput greatly improved customer satisfaction for the client.
  • Infrastructure Re-use: $100K was invested in a Sales training solution by a large Semiconductor firm. An year later, it was found that to update content and re-use this infrastructure costs $25,000 & 1 month for each program. One can imagine the cost and time delays if 30 of such programs are to be pursued in an year. This is unwanted burden on resources. SysLab expertise resulted in a design that increased the ease of infrastructure re-usability while reducing the update metrics to $10,000 & 1 week per program.
  • New Efficient Business Models: Current Digital Archiving industry is plagued with options that require large capital investment, long duration contracts, expensive training and sustained support. One may wonder, all that spending just to archive physical paper for records? But customers have no option. Driven by compliance and storage requirements, firms are pursuing such initiatives as a cost of doing business. SysLab designed a new business model that requires no capital investment and customers can get a start-to-finish throughput in 15 business days for a volume of 200,000 documents - something that the traditional practices cannot even imagine. Today, through SysLab Digital Archiving Solution, we deliver the benefits of the same model..
  • New Software Delivery Models: Business applications are often a worst night mare in software projects. As significant communication gap exists between those developing and those utilizing the software, nailing the requirements itself can be a painstaking issue. Further on, developing and maintaining the solutions is even more expensive. Often, the investment so required may not match the business value. SysLab refined the emerging Service-Oriented software methodology to develop infrastructures that require no client installments, easy to upgrade and maintain, at least 30% faster and cheaper to develop than traditional methods, and currently delivering the promise of reducing initiative costs from $2Million to $250K in selective Product Life Cycle Management initiatives. Today, we offer the same capabilities through SysLab Applications.
  • Ability to Design Intellectual Property: Ability to design innovative IP in short cycle times, is a key differentiator of SysLab that most customers appreciate. Instead of sticking to existing norms, where required, SysLab develops innovative IP that delivers high utility to customers. For example, an engagement required to generate documents in WordPerfect that are highly format compliant and complex. At least in 2004, developing highly format compliant documents using XML is hard. Further on such outputs are mostly in Microsoft Word or HTML, both of which are not perfectly complaint with WordPerfect (if one would save a highly format specific WordPerfect file in Word, one would know). Further on, the scalable development environments such as Java or Microsoft tools are not well suited to work for WordPerfect, yet our client has to have deliverables in WordPerfect. At SysLab we took it as a challenge and designed a unique methodology that bridged the gap between these islands of technologies. Now on the fly, the client can generate documents not only in WordPerfect but simultaneously in Word and PDF. There are no limitations on formatting or length or computation/decision complexity of the documents. The resulting solution is so designed that its easy to upgrade and roll-out in multiple locations in at least 60% lower cost and time than the traditional approaches.

More of such examples exist. At SysLab, we take the responsibility to deliver the promised gains and the payments can be made contingent to delivery of the business results (not just deliverables). Please contact us to explore how you can benefit from our work.