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Business Process & Knowledge Work Productivity SysLab is an operations consulting firm specializing in improving productivity of knowledge-worker based operations through effective design, digitization and performance improvement of the associated work-functions and business-processes. | voyance par telephone en ligne

Began as an industry-academic consulting initiative of graduated students in Management Science & Engineering Department at Stanford University in 1999, SysLab transformed into a firm by 2002 with operations in USA and India.

Syslab Works:

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Over the past five years, for 36 customers across 5 industry verticals, SysLab not only addressed the problem at hand, but also helped clients to simultaneously reduce the associated work-effort & process-inefficiencies by SCHIP 4-fold and costs by 3-fold, while ensuring on-budget delivery and 100% stakeholder satisfaction.

Air Jet Sieve HMK-200 is a particle size analysis sieving machine for laboratory use. It works on latest air jet technology to determine particle size distribution of dry powders. Being widely used in almost every industry it has become a standard air jet sieve HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve features high performance and reliable test results. Such test sieve shaker is designed for particle size analysis of particles from 5 micometer up to 5,000 micrometer.

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